Entrepreneurs and Enterprises Curricula, Bachelor, Master

1. Bachelor Programs

The department offer bachelor diploma in (i) management and (ii) business administration.  
i. BSc in Management  
With choice of profile in: Marketing OR Human Resources Management OR Finance and Accounting OR Tourism and Travel OR Business Law. 
This degree program covers all the key areas of management, like general management, marketing, strategy, human resources, accounting, operation, e-commerce, etc. It offers a wide array of study topics and has a strong practical focus. The professors of the department of management are well known academics, higher managers of most important corporations and invited professors from others international universities. Throughout the BSc Management course, theory and practice are combined to deliver a thorough grounding in the field of modern management. Whether students are new to the discipline or have prior experience, this course allows them to build on their skills and abilities and enhance the future opportunities within a vast range of private and public organizations. 
ii. BSc in Business Administration  
With choice of profile in: Marketing OR Human Resources Management OR Finance and Accounting OR Tourism and Travel OR Business Law. 
Designed for the future business leaders, it offers participants highly focused knowledge and skills in the fields of Investments, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Computer Applications, Tourism and Urban Economics. The program provides students with sound knowledge of a variety of subjects oriented to the business needs. Students will learn to apply this knowledge to the overall process of decision-making and management. Experienced academic staff is on hand at the department to provide theoretical and practical courses. This degree program provides firm foundations for any career in business and is particularly attractive to those seeking to be entrepreneur or to creating their own business.

iii. Minors 
Minor is a package of courses that student can chose related to its personal interests. To respond to the student’ professional needs the department offers the following minors:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Tourism and Travel

2. Master Degree Programs

The master degree programs offered by the department are Master of Science and Professional Masters.

Master of Science (MSc) Programs:

i. MSc Operations Management & Logistics
ii. MSc Strategic Marketing
iii. MSc Human Resources Management
iv. MSc Management of Information Systems

Professional Masters Programs:

i. MA Marketing & Operations Management
ii. MA Leadership & Human Resources Management
iii. MA Real Estate and Insurance