About us

EDIC began in 2010 offering a unique and results-oriented approach to marketing and sales for businesses. From that beginning, we have developed a relentless passion for seeing your business grow and succeed.

Not only that, but we make sure you are properly rooted in the fundamentals of long-term business growth.

EDIC provides expertise and services for business development projects including strategy; go-to-market; new business development, technology commercialization, technology transfer; technology demonstrations and verification; and technology partnerships. As part of the Department of Business and Management it focuses also on studies of how organization develop and use strategies, structures, and the accompanying social, political, economic, and technical processes needed to compete in national and global markets. The center cover such topics as general management, business administration, finance and accounting, leadership, ethics, sales and marketing, innovation, organizational learning and change, human resource management, operation management, and industrial economics. A major emphasis is on action learning through group projects.